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  • Pressure Relief Valves

    We ORBIT Hydraulic System Manufacturers & suppliers wide Range of Hydraulic Pressure relief Valves in India. A relief valve functions to bleed pressure off to return (by creating an open flow path to return) when a prescribed pressure level is reached. Relief valves are simple devices (similar to check valves) where a piston or poppet is held closed by a spring. The spring is set such that the poppet will open, providing a flow path to return, when pressure reaches a prescribed level. Every hydraulic systems requires at least one pressure relief valve to protect the system against thermal expansion and excessive pressure transients. The relief valve setting provides burst protection for all components in a system.

    There ORBIT Make pressure control valves: one is a pressure relief valve, and the other is a pressure reducing valve. Pressure relief valves have higher flow capacities than pressure reducing valves because pressure relief valves have to be capable of directing all flow to the tank.

    ORBIT Pressure relief valves are used in hydraulic systems to limit the system pressure to a specific set level. If this set level is reached, the pressure relief valve responds and feeds the excess flow from the system back to the tank.

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