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  • Pressure Reducing Valves

    ORBIT Hydraulic System Manufacturers & Suppliers wide Range of Hydraulic Proportional Valves. The technological solution to these more complex circuits has been the development of proportional valves. These revolutionary valves allow infinite positioning of spools, thus providing infinitely adjustable flow volumes. Either stroke-controlled or force-controlled solenoids are used to achieve the infinite positioning of spools. This variable positioning allows spools to be designed with metering notches to provide flow/speed control as well as directional control functions all in one valve, instead of requiring separate valves for direction and speed.

    The most common ORBIT Make proportional hydraulic valves are directional control valves, pressure relief valves, flow controllers and adjustable throttling. Proportional hydraulic valves convert an incoming mechanical or electrical signal directly proportional to a shear mode. The movement follows a continuously incoming signal. Different types of available proportional hydraulic valves are:

    Various directional control valves

    Flow control valves
    Pressure relief valves
    Pressure reducing valves
    Counter balance valves
    Typical applications of proportional hydraulic valves include cranes and industrial applications such as Construction, Mining, Plants, Plastic injection moulding.

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