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  • Lift Block Valves

    We are producing and supplying of Hydraulic Lift Valve Block to our consumers. Lift Blocks is a compact hydraulic solution to control single cylinders that are generally mounted on stackers and scissor lifts. They offer a complete solution for lifting, controlled lowering and safety of the pump, cylinder and personnel. When the pump is itched ON the cylinder is extended. The check valve holds the load in place when the pump is switched OFF. For lowering the load solenoid valve is energized which connects the oil to the tank. The rate of lowering can be controlled by the flow controlled valve. In case of power failure the load can be lowered by the emergency lowering valve can be operated manually.


    Zero leakage
    High quality
    High tensile strength
    Low maintenance
    Longer service life


    Unequalled travel comfort independent of load and temperature
    Highest performance at low energy cost
    Low maintenance requirements, long life-cycles
    Simple installation procedures
    Low installation, maintenance and running costs

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