• Hydraulic Component

    Hydraulic Slew Drive

    This wide range of ORBIT planetary gear units is specifically designed for pinion and slewing ring drives. Successfully employed on tower cranes, shipboard and harbour cranes, wind generators and as steering drive on ship propulsion systems, they can be used in all applications..

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    Hydraulic Transmission

    ORBIT ZCM hydraulic transmission is made up of hydraulic motor multi-disc friction braker and planet gearbox decelerator, Having Characteristics of small light large torque high start and transmission efficiency low noise, etc. Output shaft can bear large radial force..

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    Hydraulic Winch Drive

    ORBIT hydraulic winch is composed of hydraulic motor, braker, drum and planet gear box. It is attached to a motor vehicle and is hydraulically powered by the vehicle power steering system or other hydraulic source. It can provides a effective means for extraction of the vehicle when stuck..

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    Planetary gear box

    Rotating Shaft & Rotating Housing Planetary Gearboxes:- Flange Mounted and Atex Drives, Shaft Mounted Drives, Foot Mounted Drives, High Torque "S Series" Drives, Wheel Drives, Track Drives, Slewing Drives, Engine Splitter Drives, Winch Drives

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    Swivelling Cylinder Hydraulic Motor

    ORBIT NGM - BGM series of swivelling cylinder hydraulic motors are low speed high torque hydraulic motors without connecting staff, It has been widely applied in many kinds of hydraulic transmission system such as plastic injection..

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    Hydraulic Travel Motor

    ORBIT Hydraulic System specialises in the design and production of travel drive gear motors for mini-excavators, tracked excavators, tracked and wheeled Loaders, bulldozers, crushers, compactors, cranes and skylifts, sprayers, harvesters, feller-bunchers and hybrid..

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